Friday, 8 June 2012

Strength Pro's Olympic Competition!

Olympic competition up and running, to win a chance to be coached by Olympic medalist and World Champion Nathan Robertson enter via Good Luck!!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Strength Pro Training Tips, Wall Hitting!

Wall hitting is no secret for developing strength within your forearm and badminton specific muscles. Depending on your strength and ability find an even surfaced flat wall, stand about 5-6 feet from the wall. With your Strength pro training racket start by hitting the shuttle against the wall maintaining good defensive technique keeping each racket swing short and sharp rebounding the shuttle back to you off the wall. Switching from forehand to backhand will improve your shuttle control along with strength and power. 

Continue this exercise until you feel fatigue within your forearm then switch to your normal racket. Your racket head speed should increase along with your shot power. Repeat 2-3 times with good resting periods in-between sets.

Repetition like all exercises is the key to improvement.

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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Strength Pro's Offer Continues.

Strength Pro's Christmas offer has ben extended throughout January check out to see the latest offers.

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Friday, 23 December 2011

Strength Pro Training Tip, Footwork.

Many of the worlds top badminton players use Strength Pro training rackets. They are fast becoming an integral part of their racket bag, not only are the Strength Pro badminton rackets been used in training many players are using them as part of their pre-match warm up.

Footwork is a highly important part of badminton movement, without good footwork your ability to be in the correct position to execute a good quality shot increasingly becomes less. Whilst practicing your footwork patterns use your Strength Pro training racket to shadow the shot picturing the shot you want to play and swinging the racket accordingly. Regular shadow footwork with the Strength Pro racket will help you improve your strength and power resulting in quicker racket head speed.

Tip : Alternate your Strength Pro badminton racket with your normal racket every other set.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Strength Pro's Training Tip, Backhand Lift.

Strength Pro's training tip. One would not associate a forehand or backhand lift as a particular area where people would highlight as having a problem lifting out to the baseline. However this is an area which can see dramatic improvement by using your Strength Pro training racket. 

A very simple routine would be an overhead hand feed from your coach or playing partner from the service line to the service line. Practice  with your Strength Pro racket lifting the shuttle to the baseline, its important to keep the movement  short. Repeat this shot 10-12 times then switch to your normal racket and repeat the same amount of times. 

Repeating the featured routines will help you gain strength and power.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Strength Pro Training Tip, Forehand cross court slice.

Strength Pro's tip of the day, we are aiming to cover all the shots Strength Pro training rackets can be used to enhance your game. Overhead shots are always difficult when you add extra weight such as a heavier racket. Its always an important point to remember when using Strength Pro rackets overhead is not to over swing(swinging to hard) its better to sacrifice power for technique rather than the other way round. The power will come when you use your normal badminton racket.

The forehand slice is a shot mainly used in singles, the purpose is to deceive your opponent into covering the straight shot to then slice the shuttle cross court at the very last moment sending the shuttle in the opposite direction.

A basic practice would be to use a single shuttle feed from a static position in the forehand corner slicing the shuttle to land cross courts as near to the tram and service line. Its important to have a quick racket through the shot to emphasize the disguise on the shuttle, using the strength Pro training racket for 8-10 shuttles per set then switching to your normal racket will promote racket head speed therefore generating more pace and deception on the shot.

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